DIY: Liberty London floral cotton boxers

Liberty 'Lytton' Teal
DIY Boxers
Liberty 'Lytton' Pastel
Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit restless I like going through my fabric trunk and touching all the materials. Sound creepy yet??? I think I just have a thing for the tactile - I mean who hasn't run up to a friend wearing something velvety and just HAD to feel it EVEN though you already know what velvet feels like! There's just something about running my fingers through a silk or a linen that makes me feel calm and fills my head with possibilities. I could fill ledgers upon ledgers upon nuclear stockpiles of ledgers with the never-ending list of projects I come up with just sitting with my trunk.

Cotton is one of those fabrics I love to work with, because it's so easy, its not precious and it doesn't slip. This project in particular had to be completed by a very special date, since I couldn't think of anything to buy my boyfriend for our six month anniversary I figured I'd make him a pair of PJ shorts. The pattern was pretty easy, I lifted it simply from a pair of my own shorts and added extra lengths here and there accordingly for size. If you're after a quick pictorial tutorial (ha), I had a peruse at the one over on Dana Made It and it's super informative. And of course I made a matching pair for myself!

The trickiest part about this for me was aligning the buttonholes, most likely just a result of me not knowing my machine very well. I have an Elna Elina 40 by the way, recently purchased. Being too excited to use it I decided to bypass my manual and launch straight into using the buttonhole stitch. Eep. A good 10 minutes was spent unpicking some bad decisions haha. Learn from my mistakes, read the instructions.

x Amie

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Joy said...

omg im drooling over the liberty print j crew shirts. SO BEAUTIFUL.