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Hey guys!

Hello again. I feel like an apology for being absent would be an insult to anyone who is still reading this god awful blog but I am ashamed of how bad I am at this.

Some updates on my life: I recently started an internship with KUWAII which I'm still so jazzed about. I've learned a lot and have been so inspired just by being in the studio with Kristy and Laura, it's prompted me to start looking at Tafe options to study fashion or textiles!

And even more exciting news......DRUMROLL.... I'm going to Japan! For two weeks! In June! Nothing like a healthy dose of spontaneity to pull you out of a slump. I'm going with Daniel and we'll be in Osaka and Tokyo for a week each. I'm so so so excited.

For inspiration I've been reading Style Deficit Disorder which is like a cultural encyclopedia for Japanese street fashion - it dissects the subcultures around each style by tracing the tastemakers/movers/shakers and different institutions - bands/stores/publications - that helped build the legendary status of Harajuku as a style valhalla. It's such a fascinating read, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Japan/pop culture.

I suppose lately I've been in a bit of a Japan craze with my upcoming trip I've just been gravitating towards things related to it. Along my eBay trawls I stumbled across this ridiculous incredible Isabel Marant bomber (top picture). It's EMBROIDERED, made from SILK and FRIGGIN REVERSIBLE. Of course it went for $$$$ as its an out of season piece but OMG how beautiful. I'm not 100% sure of the origin of the design but apparently in Japan in the late '40s and '50s a lot of jackets were made embroidered with the map (and dragons/tigers/eagles) during the war? I'd love to do a little more research into this. Though I wonder if Miss Marant was in part also inspired by Ryan Gosling's infamous scorpion jacket in Drive?

x Amie

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