Cute Critters

KW Critter Zip case from Violent Green, $60.

Caved. Again! I’ve been a huge fangirl for Karen Walker ever since ‘Queenie was a Dog’ in 2004. Since I was only like 14 and obviously couldn’t afford designer goods I emailed the head office and asked them if I could buy any fabric remnants from the collection, particularly the carousel print. They were so nice in their reply and promptly sent me a leftover two metres of the print in a jersey, which I made into a cute skirt (and have now lost :((((). Since then I guess I have had an even greater fondness for Karen. I really admire how she’s grown her business, it’s basically an empire now (dem bloggers love those KW shades), but there’s such a huge range of price points that it’s affordable. And though the shapes and silhouettes have matured the playfulness and childlike charm is still there.

Anyway, I predict I will be getting heaps of use out of this clutch as a cute travel wallet/make up pouch/toiletries case/everyday thing holder.

 I ♥ KW. The end.

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