that olson girl

Peggy is killing it in the wardrobe department. I love how subtle changes in costuming can help bring out more aspects in character development. In the first few seasons Peggy was shown to be a little uptight and maybe a nervous type, with high necklines and shirts that she wore tightly buttoned up. Her silhouettes were quite exaggerated and her hemlines never reached higher than her shin. But this season now that she's gotten more traction within the company, her confidence has grown and with that she's become more relaxed. Her clothes still make her stand out within the world of Mad Men, she will always be a bit of a school girl I think. With those cute crisp blouses and straight fit skirts you'd think she bought the entire A.P.C catalogue!

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Maria said...

Yes! Peggy! She is one of my favorite characters. I was like hardcore Mad Men kid until Christmas break, and then I just stopped midway through season 4. I'd like to pick it up again cos I love that show so much. I'm glad to see that she gets even more awesome :D